Animals Hoarded in Fayette County Home Now Ready for Adoption

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(Oakland, TN) About 140 animals rescued from a Moscow, Tenn. home are now being rehabilitated and prepared for adoption.

Some of them will be available for interested families on Saturday, Oct. 6 from 9am-2pm at 7475 U.S. 64, in Oakland, Tenn.

Dogs can be adopted for $35. Cats and exotic birds can be adopted for $20. There will be about 40 dogs, 12-15 cats, two guinea pigs, three gerbils, two doves, two pigeons, one canary and some rabbits.

On Sept. 22, authorities raided the home of 68-year-old William Parr and his wife. They were charged with 168 counts of animal cruelty, after they were discovered with stacked crates of animals living in filth.

Twenty-five of the animals were found dead.

Jennifer Dunlap was among those who rescued the animals more than a week ago. She said the rehabilitation efforts have been challenging.

“When we first went in the house, the dogs would not make eye contact, they hid in the back,” Dunlap said.

Some of the animals had been kept in those conditions for years.

Josh Cary with the American Humane Association said at first, they would be nervous when a volunteer came to their cage. But now after getting used to the routine, the animals are excited to be let out to play.

“You don't get tied down in any of the other stuff that you come into. You just see all the positives that every day you work with them, that they're getting better,” Cary said.

It seems much longer than a week and a half since the day Dunlap rescued those animals, so it will be a bittersweet moment for her to part with them on Saturday.

“It's definitely going to be a sad day to see them go. But it's going to be a very, very happy day for all of us who have worked so hard to get these guys to the state that they're in now,” she said.

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