Parents Say Student Dragged By Noose In Wynne, AR

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(Wynne, AR) There are disturbing accusations out of Wynne, Arkansas.

Parents say some white football players at the high school dragged another black player around by a noose. 

If the accusations are true, it's far from acceptable locker-room behavior.

"Mickey said some boy came behind him and picked him up and then that's when another boy put a rope around his neck," said Marlyl Light, the boy's cousin.

Light said her 14-year-old cousin at Wynne High School was drug around by the rope and raised off the ground.

 "Mickey said he was scared," said Light.  "He was terrified."

"He said he put up a struggle and he finally got down," said Courtney Vasser, a family friend.

Parents we spoke with said they are angry the school never informed them about what allegedly happened.

"Somebody needs to say something about this," said Vasser.

News Channel 3 spoke to the superintendent of Wynne Public Schools. 

He said the story about the noose is not true.

He wouldn't give us the details about what happened but admitted something inappropriate did happen in the boy's locker-room and now two students are recommended for expulsion and five others could get suspended.

 "I know he said he was terrified when he got lifted up in the air and he saw this rope," said Vasser.

Friends and family of the victim believe what happened was a crime.

"Something needs to happen," said Light.

The superintendent said the school board is going to be deciding who needs to be suspended or expelled this Wednesday at 6 p.m.

The Wynne Police Department says it's letting Wynne Public Schools do an "internal investigation" but they will take action if deemed necessary.