New Website Gives Children Head Start On Reading

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(Memphis) Children as young as three are already plugged into technology.

Now, one local group is hoping a new website we’ll help them become better readers. is the latest offering of which was created right here in Memphis.

The phonics-based reading site was designed by Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia.

The website is geared toward kids four to seven and is designed to make learning fun.

The site uses videos and pictures to help children sound out words and understand their meanings.

The Orange Mound Learning Center is beginning to use the program.

The director of the center believes it will better prepare the four-year-olds for school.

“We’ve got a lot of children who don’t get the literacy foundation they need and they progress through each grade level and by the time some students get to high school they are still really, really poor readers and poor reading adds to a lot of other issues in school,” said Eric Cooper.

The site is funded by a Memphis philanthropist and free to anyone who wants to use it.

While the site is geared to children four to seven, younger children who already know their A,B,C’s can also benefit from the program.