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Largest Employer in Colt, AR Burns Down

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(Colt, AR) The biggest employer in Colt, Arkansas has burned to the ground.

K-Tops Plastics Manufacturing went up in flames Saturday night and now about sixty people are out of a job.

Those in Colt, a small town of about 360 people, came by to stop and look at what happened to the biggest business in town.

But what's on their mind are the people.

"You think about them first," said Greg Gray, who owns a local burger joint in town.

About one in six people in the town work at the K-Tops Plastics Manufacturing plant
which is now just a pile of smoke and rubble.

"We hope by the end of the day we have most of the hot spots out and we stop the black smoke," said Colt Fire Chief Jim Haynes.

Haynes says fire investigators haven't even begun to try to figure out the cause of the blaze because it is still too dangerous to send investigators inside.

Haynes says they know it started in the north end of the building where the "molding machines" are. The company makes plastic products like baby strollers and high chairs.

Saturday night's blast burned the entire 220,000 square foot facility to the ground creating a major hole in the small town's economy.

"Several employees come into our store. Don't know how it's going to affect them. Don't know how long they are going to be out of work," said Grey.

"And we all know with the economy, the shape that we are in, so you hate to see anybody out of a job," said Haynes.  "It's justs going to be many more people in the unemployment line"

 K-Tops officials say they are still trying to figure out whats going to happen with the employees and they plan to rebuild in Colt, Arkansas.