Horn Lake Prepares “Bat Houses” to Battle Mosquitoes

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(Horn Lake, MS) The worst year for West Nile Virus we’ve seen in a long time has people looking for new ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

Horn Lake, MS may have come up with the most creative solution yet.

Librarian Carson Culver said the idea struck her at a random meeting at the Horn Lake Library, ”We had a young lady come into the library with a bat house that she was no longer going to be able to use. It was brand new. She already had several established in her backyard and so it got me to thinking, Hmmmmm”.

You see, bats can eat between one thousand and six thousand mosquitoes every night, when the bats and bugs are most active.

So Culver brought the idea to Latimer Lakes Park, where managers plan to install several bat houses to attract dozens of bat colonies.

”This particular bat house (we’ll be using) will hold one hundred bats. This mesh screen is where they climb up and they sleep inside of course and come out at night” said Tracy Bryant of Latimer Lakes.

They’ll install them on poles about 12 feet high, and say the bats will bring benefits much bigger than just getting rid of mosquitoes.

”Really, the mosquitoes are just the Hors D’Oeuvres for bats, the real entrée is all of the bugs that they will be eating in our local crops” said Culver.

The group is partnering with the Memphis Zoo to teach folks about bats.

An educational event over the weekend brought in a big crowd.

Horn Lake hopes to have several bad colonies established here in the next four months or so.