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“Cancer Victim” Walking Horn Lake Neighborhoods

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(Horn Lake, MS) People in Horn Lake say they’ve been bothered by a woman walking around several neighborhoods claiming to be a cancer patient and asking for money.

It’s happening on quiet streets north and south of Goodman, in the heart of Horn Lake, and it has some people here nervous.

”It scares me. It scares me when anybody goes around from house to house like that,” said Kay Schumacher.

Some neighbors say the woman will even walk into homes unannounced if she finds an unlocked door.

She came to Eugenia Tanner’s home, and Tanner actually gave her money. ”She said, ‘I need money for my cancer treatment’ and I said ‘OK what do you need’ and she said ‘ten dollars."

She also referred the woman to the local Cancer Society for help.

Others were less forgiving and called the cops.

”I talked to her. She’s stating she has not asked for any money she’s just looking for some work,” said Sgt. Charles Strouse of the Horn Lake Police Department.

Looking for work is not against the law, unless the woman becomes a nuisance.

Federal health records laws prevent police from checking out her claim.

”In the event she does come back, I’ve explained to her that the residents could sign an affidavit for trespassing and she could be arrested for that," said Strouse.

Lots of neighbors say they’re almost to that point, because many say they’re skeptical about what she’s really after.

”I keep my doors locked and I don’t answer the door if I don’t know who’s there,” said Schumacher.

While many people doubt the woman’s story, some say there could be some truth to it, but everyone agrees, there are better ways to get help than by knocking on stranger’s doors.