Off-Duty MPD Officer Arrested For Threatening Three Young Boys

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(Memphis) – Saturday, there was another arrest involving a Memphis Police officer. This one marks 23rd this year alone.

55-year-old Margaret Taylor was arrested after an off-duty altercation. She is accused of pulling a gun on three boys who wanted to mow lawns in her neighborhood.

Neighbors say kids are coming through there all the time wanting to do yard work and, sometimes, things disappear from their front porches. Still, if what the boys say is true, they’re not justifying her actions.

Neighbors, like Heather Geisel, are surprised to find out Taylor is now on the other side of the law.

“It was a little uncomfortable, I didn't really know what was going on,” said Geisel. “I just saw a bunch of police cars out there.”

While off-duty, Taylor allegedly threatened to kill three young boys after they asked to mow her lawn.

 “She may have been really provoked by somebody or felt like she was threatened in a way,” she said.

The police report says it all started when a woman inside Taylor's midtown home found the three boys on her front porch swing. They offered to cut her grass, but the woman asked them to leave.

Police say that's when Taylor followed the kids to the area near Tutwiler and Stonewall, got out of her car and confronted them.

Police say Taylor then flicked a cigarette at the face of one of the boys and then hit him. All three boys claim the woman showed that she was carrying a gun and threatened to kill them if they stepped back on her property.

“The only way that I would believe that she did that, is I'd have to see it with my own eyes,” said Shani Sanyika-Brooks, who knows Taylor. She does not quite buy they boys claims, but wants to hear the other side.

But, Taylor didn’t answer the door when News Channel 3 went by her home Sunday afternoon. If what the boys told police is true, some neighbors say this incident is another reason for concern within the Memphis Police Department. 

“They need to clean house, they need to clean house,” said Sanyika-Brooks. “They need to check deeper into the people they are hiring.”

Taylor is charged with three counts of Aggravated Assault. She has been relieved of duty while the department investigates the allegations. Taylor is due in court Monday morning.