Fire Destroys Arkansas Plastics Factory

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(Colt, AR) Fire destroyed the K-Tops Plastics Factory in Colt, Arkansas Saturday night, about 60 miles west of Memphis in Saint Francis County.

No one was inside the building, so no one was hurt. 

However, more that 70 employees wont have jobs to head back to tomorrow. 

Heavy, black smoke hovered over what was left of the K-Tops plastic factory, Sunday.

It was a much calmer picture than the day before, when raging flames devoured the building.

"We never got an alarm," said Shane Dallas with St. Francis County Emergency Management.

According to Dallas, the building had been burning for hours before someone spotted it off the highway and called 911.

By the time about 50 firefighters from 7 different departments arrived, a one million gallon water tank had already been used up from the buildings sprinkler system. 

The fire was just too big to fight.

" It was unsafe to send the firefighters in," recalled Dallas.

Thankfully, there weren't any dangerous chemicals inside the plant, but the plastic inside helped feed the fire, buckling the building's concrete walls.

" Those walls coming down sounded like explosions to the community," said Dallas.

Connie Baldwin and her family watched Saturday night as firefighters could do nothing to stop the inferno.

She came back Sunday to watch the place she worked for seven years, smolder.

" Hope it`s a bad dream.  You just want to come out here and look and think 'what happens next? What do we do next?, expressed Baldwin.

What many might see as just ash, is Baldwin's livelihood.

" This is a small community.  There are so many people without jobs already.  This goes up, we`ll all lose our jobs,  We are going to be out hunting to," said Baldwin.

She`s hoping for the best possible outcome.

"That they do build it back.  Even though it will take a while to build, we hope that it comes back because this is how we make our living," said Baldwin.

As of now, there is word on what's to blame for the fire.