Schizophrenic Man Holds 5-Year-Old Daughter Hostage

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(Memphis) – A man is holding his 5-year-old daughter hostage inside a home in Whitehaven. Police spent all day Saturday trying to talk him out.

It all started with a fight. The family says a man with an unstable mind and his sister arguing over a pair of shoes.

“They got into an argument and he kind of roughed her up a little bit,” Joan Carbins, a friend of the family.

She says that's when someone called Memphis Police, “Once the police got here it just kind of pissed him off a little more.”

Furious, the 21-year-old man wasn't coming out and he wasn't letting his 5-year-old daughter leave either, but he did let his girlfriend, who was inside, go.

“He was like they've got to have a warrant,” said Iesha Jones. “He is thinking they aren’t coming in because they don’t have a warrant.”

Iesha Jones says her boyfriend is a paranoia schizophrenic and that he is off his medicine. Unsure of what he will do to the child, police are waiting it out, but family friend Joan Carbins doesn't believe the child is in danger, “Last time we heard from her she was lying in bed watching cartoons and, personally, I don't think he would do anything to harm her.”

Police say there are no weapons in the home and that no one, so far, has been injured. Jones never imagined a fight between two siblings would have come to this, “I just hope he comes out and that they don't hurt him. I hope they don't hurt him.”