Wharton Pushes for Answers in Shooting Death of 15-Year-Old

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(Memphis) Teddy bears now mark the spot at Woodall and Jenkins where 15 year old Justin Thompson was killed Monday.

Police Director Toney Armstrong asked the TBI to take over the investigation since an officer was involved, and all they've released is one statement saying Officer Terrance Shaw was at the scene when Thompson was shot. 

The Mayor`s office says Shaw was the apparent victim of a robbery and the TBI is looking over evidence to see if the two knew each other or had ever talked before. 

Other than that we know nothing about the crime. 

Mayor Wharton says he is unhappy with the information he is able to release because of police department policy.

“I can`t say anything, I can`t say anything, I can`t say anything,” said Wharton.

Wharton is investigating the department`s policy when it comes to releasing the facts of a crime, and he says he will push for more information to be released in this case. 

“I do believe we can balance the rights of the officers with the overwhelming right of the public to know.  Particularly in police matters,” said Wharton.

Wharton says not releasing facts could fuel the rumor mill.

“This is the one that really concerns me is at what point can we let the public know what we know so that we can dispel a lot of the rumors that get out,” said Wharton.

The Police Department says they will not release the incident report of details while the criminal investigation is underway.