MLGW Heats Up Furnance Inspection Program

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(Memphis) It may be hot outside but Memphis Light, Gas and Water is helping getting customers prepared for the winter.

They began their Pilot Light Inspection Program last month.

The company will come out and inspect your furnace for $45. The program is free for senior citizens and the handicap.

"Senior citizens don’t have the money to pay for it. That helps out a whole lot. Everybody doesn’t get the same amount of check. Some people get a little small check you know and they can’t afford it," said 79-year-old Annie Sellars who had her furnace inspected for free.

"Stopped up chambers and not changing the filters:those are the things that will commonly start fires," explained MLGW service technician Jerome Foster.

Foster said now is the time to have your furnace inspected.

"If you have problems, you’ve got time from now until you actually start to use the furnace to have a contractor to come out  and inspect make the repairs and make your winter pleasant," said Foster.

Click here to for information about MLGW's Pilot Light Inspection Program: