SAT Scores Down Across Country

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(Memphis) The majority of high school seniors are not college ready.

That's according to data just released by the College Board.

It's the non-profit that administers the SATs.

But some educators say parents shouldn't worry because the numbers are misleading.

The College Board says when it comes to the SATs, reading and writing scores are at their lowest level in four decades.

Overall, only 43 percent of test takers are prepared for college.

In Tennessee, writing and reading scores are above the national average, but educators say those scores are not the whole story.

That's because only 10 percent of Tennessee college-bound students are taking the test and they are the ones hoping to get into elite schools.

"Some of the high schools have as few as nine students, which Is actually how many I think who took the test in Collierville. And they were national Merit semi finalists looking to increase their scores," said Diane Setterlund, the executive director of Jane Ross Personalized Tutoring.

Setterlund said the reason scores are dropping across the country is because more students are being pushed to take the SATs and go to college.

IN Memphis, the next SAT test is being given October 6th.

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