Family Of Missing Dyersburg Man Running Out Of Hope

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(Dyer County, TN) Days have turned into months, and still there is no sign of a missing Dyer County man.

Curtis Tyler has been neither seen, nor heard from since June 30th.

Tyler's family is running out of hope he is still alive.

"I believe he's dead. I believe somebody has done something to him and we can't find the body," said Angela Hutchings.

She is painfully honest about prospects of finding her nephew alive, "I mean I know he's gone. Or else he'd be done come home."

Twenty-two year-old Curtis Tyler was last seen at a mobile home park on Highway 51 in Dyersburg.

Tyler's family is offering a $4,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.

Hutchings says the family has also launched an all-out media blitz to raise public awareness, "We've made t-shirts, we've made hats, we've made bumper stickers. We put it on the internet. I mean just everything."

Curtis' father, Tony Tyler, admits his son had a few run-ins with the law, but he says the disappearance is hard to accept, "He's always contacted his mother daily. Even when he was in trouble and in jail, we spoke to him daily."

Tyler's family is getting help from the "Vyper" search and rescue team of Dyersburg.

Commander Don Carden says the "Vyper" team is responding to any and every lead, "Every tip that comes through, we'll get right on it. We don't let it get cold."

Carden said the newly formed, ten member organization, is using search dogs and GPS  to try to locate the missing man, "We've drug three rivers, two lakes from south of town to the Mississippi River bridge."

The search is costly, so Tuesday "Vyper" held a day-long fundraising cookout in Dyer County to help offset the cost of fuel, manpower and equipment used in their search operation.

Dyersburg Police say the investigation into Curtis Tyler's disappearance is ongoing.