Woman Says She Found Rusty Nail In Sub Sandwich

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(Memphis) Victoria Seenath eats at Yum's Chinese and Sub Shop all the time, so she didn't think twice about ordering a sandwich to go. 

But, when she got home and went to take a bite, she says she found a rusty nail in her sub, “I found this nail inside my sandwich, and I don't know, I was really in disbelief at first.  I mean a nail in your sandwich?”

Seenath immediately called the sub shop and said a manager offered to give her another meal for free.

“I could have gotten tetanus or anything like that.  And that should not happen at a food restaurant,” said Seenath.

She says the whole thing shook her up so much, she's going to check her food wherever she goes.

“Nah, Nah! Nah that's not going to happen,” said Youjim with Yum’s.

Yum's on Austin Peay has been open for more than a decade.

They wouldn't have stayed in business this long if they didn't keep their food safe.

“I cannot see how that happened, or we didn't try to do it or have it happen,” said Youjim.

Yum’s has a health department score of 86.