DeSoto County Looking Into Lack of High Speed Internet

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(Hernando, MS) Even though DeSoto is one of the most populated counties in all of Mississippi, it’s believed about 40 percent of the county does not have access to high-speed internet service.

County Supervisors are out to change that.

The speed difference affects the lives of people like Steve Prieve and his wife who moved to Nesbit two years ago.

They found their internet options limited to dial-up and satellite, neither of which, he says, are perfect, ”Whenever we get a rain or a hard rain, or any bad weather, it always goes out”.

The lack of good broadband service now has the attention of DeSoto Supervisors who voted to gather information on the problem so they can take action.

”We’re going to be surveying everybody in the County and asking them to let us know if they do not have service and if they do have service because we need to map the areas,” said Supervisor Lee Caldwell.

Caldwell says schools, the library system and even the Post Office are getting involved in collecting the information which will eventually go to Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley, ”Once we have done our mapping then we will be able to take this information back and will be able to show places the access areas that are under served and they are actually gonna bid on this”.

Presley will make the case if there’s a need and find companies willing to take advantage of incentives to bring affordable broadband internet service to people like the Prieves, "It’d be good to have a choice. Right now we don’t have a whole lot of choice of who we chose for access."

Caldwell hopes to have all the information to the Public Service Commissioner by the end of the year so he can begin recruiting companies by January.