NYC Schools Offering Plan B Pill To Students Should MCS Do So Also?

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(Memphis) Tennessee State law says sex education must be abstinence based in public schools. 

In New York City however, schools are now passing out Plan B, a pill that can stop pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of having sex.

The pill may stop a pregnancy, but Mack Gardener worries about sexually transmitted diseases and the message adults are sending to teens, “Well it does say you know, 'go have sex, have it all you want` by giving them a pill basically."

Rather than passing out condoms or morning after pills, Memphis City Schools take a different education approach. 

Classes are offered from elementary to high school which focus on puberty, how to prevent STDs and reduce your risk of pregnancy through abstinence.

Age appropriate sex education is required from fourth to ninth grade in Tennessee, but high school students are not required to take sex education after their freshman year. 

“I do support the use of the pill. I just feel if you're in high schools, it may be somewhat condoning sex,” said Jabiana Bolden.

She believes the pill may not be the answer, but it's time for Tennessee to strengthen its sex ed curriculum, and it ultimately starts at home.

“Maybe parents should be taking more of a stand as far as educating them about sex, versus just throwing a pill in their hand,” said Bolden.