Charges Filed Against Man Hoarding 168 Animals

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(Oakland, TN) Prosecutors have identified the man accused of hoarding 168 animals in his Moscow, TN home.

Sixty eight year-old William Parr is a native of Collierville.

The story has been upsetting to many people.

At Hollywood Feed in Oakland, workers say they've already collected thousands of dollars of donations from people who just want to help out the animals.

"I can't thank the community enough for their outpouring of support," said Jennifer Dunlap, a veterinarian caring for the animals.

She was also the lead rescuer in the case.

Dunlap says the community's support has restored her faith in humanity after seeing the worst of the worst when it comes to animal cruelty, "It was just very difficult scene I think for all us."

Authorities removed 168 animals from the Moscow home: 69 dogs, 29 cats, and 70 other animals, including birds, gerbils, rabbits, lizards, and ferrets.

Twenty-five of the animals were dead.

Investigators say they also found graves of dead animals on the side of the house.

"It was just a very horrific scene," said Animal Cruelty Investigator John Morgret of the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County.

"The the long-haired animals were wearing matted coats of feces," said Dunlap. "A lot of animals had toe nails that were turned into their toes and the dental disease is the worst that I've ever seen. We have teeth that are falling out, hanging on."

She says the animals had been kept in filthy cages and are many are now experiencing grass for  the first time as they recover in Fayette County.

Dunlap says they won't be up for adoption until the criminal investigation is complete.

William Parr is facing 168 accounts of animal cruelty and his wife could also face charges.

"The bright light is the support that we've had and the animals are really responding in the short time we've had them," said Dunlap.

If you would like to make a donation to help out the animals, remember a lot of them don't have teeth because of neglect so the best thing you can donate is grounded wet dog food or money. 

You can drop it off at the Hollywood Feed in Oakland, TN or any Hollywood Feed Store