Family Reacts to Fifth Fire Set At Their Complex This Year

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(Memphis) Arson has been determined the cause of a fire that wiped out two buildings at an Oakhaven apartment complex.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but two people are now homeless.

It's the fifth fire at the Somerset Park complex just this year.

Charred down to the beams and nails. A once two-story building at the Somerset Park Apartments now lays folded and twisted in ash.

Mom Britney Wash was inside her home with her four small children when, "smoke came through the window," said Wash.

"All outside was smoke. You couldn`t even see the cars," recalled Wash.

While firefighters battled the flames, Wash quickly got her four kids outside.

" I grabbed both of them. I had both of them on my side and I had my two oldest ones in front of me.  I said 'run on out the door, run on out the door," said Wash.

Sadly, this isn`t the first time the mom has panicked to make sure her family escapes a raging fire at their complex.

"I know somebody is doing it on purpose, it's too many happening," said Wash.

Memphis fire investigators have ruled this latest fire arson.

Four others at the complex are also believed to be set on purpose just this year.

It leaves Wash frustrated and frightened.

" We got kids and we don`t know whose doing it," expressed Wash.

While the fires keep happening, she says she is constantly teaching her oldest child about the dangers.

"I taught him how to get his siblings and get going," said Wash.

But Wash says she only has one option.

" It's time for me to go, its time for me to go," said Wash.

Wash's Five year old son Derric knows what the move is all about.

" Keeping me safe," said 5-year-old Derric Wash.

The hunt is on for whoever is to blame for the fire. If you have any information, call crime stoppers at 528-CASH.