School Bus Driver Who Reported Mayor Quits Job

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(Southaven, MS) Tracey Riva swears she’s just a school bus driver who cares about kids and keeping them safe.

“I was looking out for the kids, I was doing my job.” said Riva.

She's talking about the day she stopped to let a young girl off her bus and Southaven Mayor Greg Davis tried to pass her just as the little girl was crossing the street.

“I was afraid she was going to get hit, or the worst, you think the worst and there's nothing you can do you're sitting in the driver’s seat and you're trying to control the situation.”

Davis flipped on police lights in his city owned SUV and says he was trying to chase down the driver of a black sports car that sped around the bus.  

“I just thought I was doing something to keep something from happening.” Davis told us in a March interview.

Mrs. Riva says she fought this battle alone.  She said no one from DeSoto County Schools backed her. She says it's because she took on the mayor.  Now after 16 years on the job, she quit.

“It's not that I wanted to do this, but I know in my heart I did the right thing and I didn't get the support I should have.”