Mother of Lorenzo Davis Reacts to Autopsy Report

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(Memphis) A cocaine overdose is the official cause of death of Lorenzo Davis, according to the medical examiner.

It comes about two and a half months after his mother accused Memphis police of beating him to death.

The autopsy report showed Davis' body was badly beaten, but the medical examiner said, in the end, he died because a large amount of cocaine in his system.

For Brenda Davis, the news was not easy to hear.

She's has been arguing since July that, when police arrested her son for drug dealing, they beat him to death.

The medical examiner said during the autopsy a plastic bag with a white substance was found in Lorenzo's esophagus and he had a lot of cocaine in his blood.

The report pointed out something else that stood out to Miss Davis.

 "Contusions to deep scalp, lacerations to forehead," read Davis from the autopsy report.

The autopsy showed Lorenzo was covered in abrasions, lacerations and contusions.

"Six white police officers beat him down, and you are going to tell me he has some cocaine in his throat?" asked Davis.

Police say July 3, Lorenzo resisted arrest and even punched an officer in the face trying to get away.

Witnesses say they saw police beat him and drag his body from a backyard across the street and into a patrol car.

Witnesse say he was bleeding.

Police say he was sweating profusely and died when he got to the hospital.

Whatever happened that day, Brenda believes there is more to it than the final ruling of the medical examiner's report.

"It will come to light," she said.

Davis said even if her son did die of a cocaine overdose, Memphis police should never have been beat her son.