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Customers Wait For Hours To Get The New iPhone

(Memphis) The wait is over for gadget lovers.

Today, Apple began selling the iPhone 5.

In Memphis, people lined up early Thursday morning to make sure they were the first ones to get their hand on the latest smartphone.

"I have the 3G. So I'm like four or three phones behind," said Dominique Dallas.

Justin Strafuss has owned every iPhone model ever made.

The self-professed gadget geek even brought along a camera mounted on his head to capture the moment he purchased it.

"It's an iPhone. Plain and simple," said Strafuss.

Strafuss is just one of millions of Americans hitting Apple Stores today.

Apple isn't saying how many iPhone 5's it expects to sell, but analysts are predicting anywhere from six to ten million by Monday.

It's the first time Apple has redesigned the iPhone in more than two years.

The phone has a larger screen, is slimmer, lighter and faster.

People leaving the store with the phone today said so far it's living up to all the hype.

"The speed is different. They told me you will be able to tell immediately, and you can,"  said Darius Buckingham.

Buckingham loves the new look and is still trying to figure exactly what his new phone can do.

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