Bus Stop Beatdown Caught On Tape

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(Memphis) The school bus from Raleigh Egypt High arrives like clockwork at Jones and Raleigh Millington Road every afternoon.

What happened to one 15-year-old girl when she stepped off the bus August 28th is shocking.

At least two other girls and one boy went on the attack, stomping the 15-year-old female in the head, kicking her all over her body and yelling profanities.

This all happened while another student video taped the entire thing.

When the 15-year-old arrived home, tattered and bloody after the beating, her foster mom immediately rushed her to the hospital.

The mom wants the students to pay.

She has already talked to police, and is waiting to hear back on what's next.
We went back to the bus stop a few days later and saw the  school bus arrive and talked to students who rode the same  bus and witnessed the attack .

"That's it," said one student as he looked at the video. "They just confronted her when she got off the bus. They jumped her. A dude hit her  first."

"She had a cut  here on her head," said another student.

Other students finally broke up the fight.

We're told the attack happened because of a disagreement with one of the girls several months ago.

The school is investigating.

 "To the severity that child was beat down like that is just mind-boggling," says Jimmy Chambers, a Gang Investigator with the Attorney General's office. 

He said the case is being investigated  to see if gangs played a role, but bully attacks like these happen with girls just as they do with boys, "They may have seen the child as being weak. That's what bullies do. They prey on the weak."

He urges victims to come forward about any bullying.

It's the only way to stop it.

"Somebody in the video screaming beat her, beat her, beat her. That child could have lost her life right there. We can make it so these individuals know you don't put your hands on somebody like that. You don't do that," says Chambers.

Memphis City Schools started a bullying hotline at the end of last school year. 

So far, it has received nine tips about bullying. 

All calls are anonymous and sent to each school to be investigated. 

For a link to the tip line and Memphis City School's anti-bullying policy: http://www.mcsk12.net/bullyreporting.asp