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Election Commission Suspends Administrator

(Memphis)  Hundreds of voters complained in August of problems with the election process. People said their ballots were incorrect, and some candidates worried it cost them, an election.

Kenneth Whalum lost his reelection bid for school board by about one hundred votes and sued wanting someone help accountable for the problems voters experienced Election Day.

Now, the election commission has voted to suspend administrator Richard Holden.

“I don't know if they would have taken this action had I not filed the lawsuit”, said Whalum.

Holden will be on probation for six months. Commission chairman Richard Meyers said he considered the matter a personnel issue, but it was justified.

Holden will have to take off three days off in October, and he must ensure the election in early November goes smoothly.  We asked him if he was being treated unfairly, by being sent home before the big election.

“It was done for purely political reasons.” said Holden.


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