St. Francis County Parole Officer Charged In “Operation Delta Blues”

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(St. Francis County, AR) An Arkansas probation and parole officer arrested on extortion charges has resigned her position, effective immediately.

38-year old Roxanne Davis of Wynne is accused of accepting cash payments from a parolee and a convicted drug dealer on probation.

Federal prosecutors conducting wiretaps during "Operation Delta Blues" overheard her soliciting cash and a car.

Darrel Turnbow, and his son Mark have invested a lot of time and equipment cutting down a tree in Roxanne Davis' front yard in Wynne.

Darrell Turnbow says Davis is a customer and, "She just happens to be my parole officer."

Turnbow, who says he was wrongly convicted of felony with a firearm in 2009, served part of a four-year prison term.

He was shocked to find out his parole officer was arrested for extorting cash from a paroled convicted murderer as well as a drug dealer on probation, "And you pull up here. I mean News Channel 3 pulls up here wanting to ask me a couple of questions about, 'when she gonna be here?' I haven't seen her since Saturday and then you tell me she's got arrested?"

Until Wednesday morning, Davis was worked at the Arkansas Department of Community Correction in Forrest City.

Darrell Turnbow tried to reach Davis, but all he got was her voice mail saying she still worked for the state, "This is Roxanne Davis with the Department of Community Correction. Sorry  I missed your call."

Turnbow says he's been told Davis is moving from her present home on Harrell Street in Wynne.

She wasn't there Wednesday, but we did see furniture stacked in the carport.

Tturnbow's worried whether he'll see the $3,000 he says Davis owes him for tree work,

"If I'm not going to get paid for this job, then I can't do charity work...hmm."

Davis is the sixth law enforcement officer to be charged in the connection with "Operation Delta Blues."

Davis entered an innocent plea Monday in Federal Court in Little Rock and is presently out of jail.