Mystery Surrounds Bartlett Woman Overboard On Cruise Ship

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(Bartlett) The mystery continues surrounding the disappearance of a young Bartlett woman who fell overboard in the Atlantic Ocean while cruising on a Royal Caribbean ship. 

The US Coast Guard looked for her for 46 hours, calling off the search last night.

Janice Bomar of Bartlett Travel sells lots of cruises each year.

She says Allure of The Seas is the newest in Royal Caribbean’s fleet of ships and the largest.

It holds 5,400 passengers, one tenth the size of the young victim’s hometown of Bartlett.

“I’ve been asked if I knew who it was but I don’t. I haven’t heard anything,” said Bomar.

The name of the Bartlett woman remains part of the mystery.

Royal Caribbean said it doesn’t release names of passengers.

The other part of the mystery is how this happened.

“The rails on those ships are like 4 and a half feet. It’s not that easy to go off,” said Bomar.

The Coast Guard isn’t identifying the passenger either and says when they called off the search, the woman’s family was in on the decision.

“A reasonable amount of time had passed. We had also contacted the next of kin and between what we searched, what we found or didn’t find and the next of kin’s agreement as well, we just deemed it time to call off the search,” said Petty Officer Jon-Paul Rios, US Coast Guard.

The search is over, but the shroud of mystery surrounding how it happened is not.

“It’s already in the investigative state and its kind of like we’re doing our search while other partners and other divisions within the coast guard are conducting the investigation,” said Rios.