Mississippi Economist Says State Slides Back Into Recession

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(DeSoto County) Jobs are the key behind an economist’s opinion that Mississippi is sliding back into a recession.

It’s not exactly breaking news to Patsy Jenkins who is working hard to stretch every dollar she can, “The groceries, our gas, housing, it’s all more expensive. I don’t know when we’ll ever get a break.”

Mississippi’s State economist Dr. Darrin Webb told us Mississippi’s economy hasn’t performed as well as the national economy, and Mississippi started sliding backward sometime between April and June.

”DeSoto County is no stranger to that. We have seen a definite slowdown,” said Mississippi Representative Pat Nelson, R-Southaven.

Nelson says that even with signs of growth in some areas of DeSoto, the latest jobless figures from July show an unemployment rate of 7.4 percent.

That’s why he says lawmakers are doing all they can to help businesses, ”The Governor declared it the most pro-business Legislative session ever and we took regulations off small business and we took action that’s gonna help these businesses to come back and get this economy going again”.

That sounds good, but folks like Jenkins see the economy as more of a national issue than a state or local one, ”Our President that we have, I just don’t really think he’s done a great job with it.I don’t see this ending anytime soon.”

Dr. Webb said he did see some good news in housing and auto sales, but they didn’t post big enough gains to overcome the negatives in the Mississippi economy right now.