Mayor Wharton Says Plan Being Developed To Deal With Troubled Cops

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(Memphis) It hasn’t been the best week for the men and women in blue.

Instead of fighting crime, two Memphis Police Officers find themselves in the headlines and under scrutiny by their own.

Now the Mayor is weighing in.

“Many of the things are not just personal indiscretions, some involve allegations and some connections of just flat out criminal,” says Memphis Mayor A C Wharton.

He is talking about the case of Officer Sean McWhirter who was arrested for sex trafficking.

An investigation alleges he took women to a Tunica Hotel for prostitution and even collected money for it while he was on duty in his patrol car.

Then there is Police Officer Candyance Davis, aka Quolove, an aspiring rapper who sings about violence and getting paid.

Her video has some asking if this officer of the law is sending the wrong message.

“What we have is not acceptable. Even men and women of the Police Department have said to me they are ashamed by what their colleagues are doing,” says Wharton.

Mayor Wharton has already been talking with the Police Director.

“We will be announcing fairly soon just what we are going to do to examine all we are doing from selection criteria to supervision and monitoring after an officer is selected,” says Wharton.

The head of the police union says remember these are just two officers out of 2400.

But Mayor Wharton says these cases seem to come up every week and that’s 52 weeks out of the year.

He says when you talk about 52 officers out of 2400, that’s significant.