Four-Year-Old Killed In Four Wheeler Accident

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(Dyersburg, TN) Orange spray paint now marks the spot of a terrible tragedy in Dyersburg.

A four-year old is dead and his two-year old brother is left with several bumps and bruises after a four-wheeler accident Sunday.

Eyewitnesses say the little boys were playing on a four-wheeler in their yard they drove down a hill crashing it into the pavement.

Sheila Patterson was outside letting her dogs out when she saw the four-year old fly head first onto the concrete when the two-year old fell on the grass.

“He was bleeding from his nose, his little eyes and his head,” said Patterson.

She says the boy’s name was Max and his parent’s weren’t outside watching them. 

“They had just stepped in. I think Lisa was doing dinner and when I saw it happen I screamed and ran over and everybody ran out,” said Patterson.

Police Chief Art Heun says he doesn’t expect any charges.

His office is still investigating, but at this point they are calling it an unfortunate accident.