Tennessee’s Future Looks Even More Obese

(Memphis) A new report predicts that by 2030, 63 percent of all Tennesseans will be obese.

That number is even higher for Mississippi. It's predicted 67 percent of people living there will be obese.

Keep in mind, obese and overweight are different.

A person who is considered obese is 30 pound heavier than a healthy weight.

An overweight person is 20 pounds heavier.

Health experts believe there is time to change these predictions.

Researchers with Trust for America's Health and The Robert Wood Foundation, aren't individually weighing folks in Tennessee and across the country.

But they are monitoring our behaviors and how we deal with food.

"They ask you things like, 'how many fruits and veggies do you eat? and  "do you engage in exercise at least two or 3 days a week, said Renee Frazier with Healthy Memphis Common Table.

In a recent study, researchers found Tennesseans aren't making good choices to stay healthy. 

Those choices are why researchers predict Tennessee will be one of the top 5 obese states in two decades.

But there is a small victory after this study.

"We were number three in the country last year. We are now number 15. Our obesity rate is under 30 percent for the first time in many years," pointed out Frazier.

Frazier says that's because collectively, our area has made improvements within recent years, "Bike Lanes, Shelby Farms Park. We have about 14 farmers markets in Shelby County. More than any other county in TN. I think that`s a big deal," said expressed Frazier.

Frazier believes if the Mid-South continues to make improvements in the community, in 2030 Tennessee can be among one of the healthiest states.

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