Officer Accused of Sex Trafficking Has Been in Trouble Before

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(Memphis) A Memphis police officer is facing prison time accused of sex trafficking.

The arrest came Sunday after the FBI says it investigated Officer Sean McWhirter for more than a year.

According to his personnel file, the Union Station officer got in trouble with the police department last year and was suspended for bad behavior.

McWhirter is in the custody of US Marshalls after they say he took two women to a Tunica hotel Sunday so they could prostitute themselves.

"It's so startling that one of our MPD officers is an alleged human trafficker," said Ryan Dalton of Operation Broken Silence that works to stop human trafficking through tougher legislation.

Officer McWhirter had been in trouble on the force before. 

Last September, police say he got into a high-speed pursuit without permission, used excessive force to make an arrest and then lied about it to internal affairs.

The department suspended him for 30 days.

During that time, McWhirter was already under investigation by the FBI. 

In june 2011, investigators started tracing his phone calls to women listed on, a site known for advertising prostitution.

And just this month, while on duty and in his patrol car, investigators say he collected $120 dollars in cash as a down payment for the women up for sale.

Investigators say an informant videotaped the transaction and recorded another conversation where McWhirter said, "them hos are going to get what they get."

Mcwhirter is now facing 10 years in federal prison for sex trafficking, while fellow officers react to the allegations.

"I want the citizens to understand that one apple, two apples does not spoil the bunch," said Michael Williams, the president of the Memphis Police Association.

McWhirter's bond has been set at $10,000. His next court date is October 9.