Arrest Made In Sardis Gas Station Killing

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UPDATE 9/20) Two arrests have been made in the robbery and murder at a Sardis, MS gas station.

Marcus Ledrey Thomas, 19 and Derrick DeWayne Walton, 18, have been charged with capital murder in the death of Tarik Abudieh.

(Panola County, MS) Authorities are searching for the person who killed Tarik Adieh. 

The man owned a Pure gas station on Highway 51 in Sardis.

Monday night Adieh pulled his white Nissan to the door to close up and take his cash.

Authorities say  two men showed up, one was armed and killed Adieh and shot another store employee.

“That guy has kids at home, why would you want to kill him?” asked his cousin who’s also named Tarik Adieh.

Cameras were running at the gas station.

The District Attorney is hoping people will look at the shooter and the unique jacket he was wearing.  

He thinks it will solve the case.

“It's been described by witnesses as having possibly some kind of skulls on the jacket," said John Champion. “Hopefully with this unique design on the jacket someone will have seen this jacket before and know who it belongs to.”

If that doesn't do it, the family is putting up what they say is a sizable reward.

“The brothers got a lot of money involved, just bring us the information," said Adieh.