Photos Released In Armed Robbery At U of M Campus Housing

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The following photos have been released by the U of M police department regarding an armed robbery on campus Wednesday.

(Memphis) Police are looking for two men who busted into a dorm on the University of Memphis campus and robbed a student at gunpoint. It happened at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say two men armed with a gun busted into a dorm in the Carpenter Complex.

A young woman was forced to hand over personal belongings, but she was not injured in the robbery.

 "Her mom said her TV and laptop got stolen," Memphis student, Blake Bell, said.

Bell knows one of the four women who live inside the dorm where the robbery took place.

He says the school didn't text him for an hour after the incident.

 "I kind of wish I would have known about it earlier so I could have locked the doors," Bell said.

 Late this afternoon, school officials went around to the dorms.

"They knocked on our door and told us to be safe to lock our windows and lock all of our doors," he said

One of the girls who lived in the dorm and was robbed told us she was so concerned about the incident that she and one of her other roommates have moved to a different dorm.

Despite the armed robbery, just about every student we spoke with said they still feel their campus is safe.

"Usually things feel very safe on campus. You don't really hear of problems. You get the occasional issue every now and then, but it's usually at night-time not two in the afternoon," UM student, D.J. Stephens, said.

But they are still going to exercise extra caution after today's robbery.

"I'm walking in pairs always keeping my phone on me in case of emergencies," student Zo Vu said.

Police urge students to walk in pairs, and report any suspicious activity.

If you have any information on the crime you are asked to contact 901-678-4357.