11-Year-Old Home Alone Interrupts Burglar

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(Memphis) Mother of four, Carla Tolbert is breathing a sigh of relief after her son came face to face with a burglar Monday, and walked away uninjured.

Eleven year-old Chris Tolbert missed school Monday for a dental appointment.

His mother went to take his siblings to school when Chris said heard someone come in the house, “He went in my mom’s room and said  if I come out the room, he’s going to kill me.”

Chris said even after the burglar spotted him, he continued to ransack the house and tried to take a television.

Chris eventually called his mom once he heard the man leave.

“It was shocking to me, but I had called 911 and the operator. She actually stayed on the phone until I got here. When I got here the police were already here,” said Carla.

Chris was able to give police a detailed description of the suspect.

Memphis Police were able to find 20-year-old Carderious Hayes just minutes later.

Hayes is behind bars on a $65,000 bond.

Carla said Chris had nightmares last night and she is trying to reassure him that he is safe, “I showed them his arrest record and showed them he was in jail. He’s not getting out anytime soon hopefully.