Horn Lake Warns Residents About West Nile Danger

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(Horn Lake, MS) Arkansas has reported 39 West Nile Cases, while Tennessee has seen 21, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The real problem area locally, is Mississippi, which reports 169 cases this year.

That’s prompted some local leaders to take action as we head into the fall rainy season.

Nationwide, this has been one of the worst years ever for West Nile virus and though the drought has kept the problem at bay for the most part, rain is changing the situation in the Mid-South.

Horn Lake is taking action, with a big public education campaign.

It comes as mosquito complaints to the Public Works Department have been on the rise.

”We had not had a lot of complaints up till three or four weeks ago, then the neighborhoods with the large lakes went to complaining and we went spraying. Then the State of Mississippi came out with a program “Fight the Bite,” said Horn Lake Public Works Director Spencer Sheilds.

Horn Lake ordered thousands of “Fight the Bite” door hangers for placement on the doorknobs of subdivisions like Twin Lakes, or neighborhoods along Horn Lake Creek.

Sheilds says his crews spray problem areas twice a week, but he says that’s only part of the solution, ” Residents can protect themselves a lot better than we can protect them”.

That means, keeping an eye on standing water, wearing protective clothing, and even using bug spray.

Horn Lake leaders hope warnings will help people help themselves avoid mosquitoes which carry the West Nile virus.