Man selling CDs accused of raping a woman who wouldn’t buy one

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(Memphis) "We do the best we can to keep them off our lot.  It's really bad because it doesn't bring our customers in, actually drives them away," says store clerk Kathryn

Holtzman is talking about the peddlers who try to sell items outside the convenience store where she works on American Way Road.

Police say Aaron Carr  had more than music on his mind when he tried selling CDs to  a woman walking into a store along American Way and Perkins.

 Police say 30-year-old Aaron Carr began talking to the woman after she refused to buy a CD, but offered him $4.00.

Police say he then demanded the woman take him to a nearby hotel.

The victim, thinking Carr had a weapon, drove him to the Memphis Inn.

That's where she says he forced her into room 309 and raped her.

She says afterward, he demanded $500, and told her to drive to a nearby bank.

But the woman convinced Carr to go back to the convenience store instead. 

When he got out of the car, she sped off and called police.

Officers  found Carr on American Way and arrested him for rape.

Customers say its frightening.

"People just come up and ask you to buy stuff, CDs and stuff. They just come up to you out of nowhere," says one customer.

Carr has been arrested before for domestic assault, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.
"We've had reports from other people that he has tried to steal their wallets and purses and stuff," says Holtzman.

Stores say they will be on alert for peddlers who push products outside their door, but citizens also have to be on their toes, keeping an eye out for who is around and exactly what they are offering.