National Civil Rights Museum Gets Big Grant From Gates Foundation

(Memphis) The National Civil Rights Museum will become the platform for dialogue on many important issues in our lives thanks to a grant worth more than $500,000.

It's expected to improve education for everyone.

The museum is making big changes on the inside with a major renovation project and now in the cyber world.

A $549,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will allow the museum to improve its website design and content.

The exhibits will no longer be just physically contained to inside the museum, and equity in education is Topic A.

"Education is not just the responsibility of parents who have children in schools. It's all of our responsibility whether you have a child there or not," said museum President Beverly Robertson.

The new grant will allow visitors to connect the past with the present.

This means museum curators will integrate new information into current exhibits, linking the contemporary issues of today with history.

Robertson said, "The greater awareness of issues will create a real sense of urgency and encourage more involvement and drive this spirit of activism that existed during the civil rights movement."

The hope is there will be a greater awareness in the community about how education impacts a person's earning potential, career success and other areas affecting quality of life.

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