Should School Superintendent Kriner Cash Have Security?

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(Memphis) Memphis city schools Superintendent Kriner Cash has a team of security officers who drive him around town.

One of those drivers was in the news for a questionable relationship with an underage student.

Why does Dr. Cash need a driver?

“Getting around this city getting to places he needs to be its appropriate”, said Gerald Darling of Memphis City Schools.

News channel 3 put it to the test.

We checked with public school districts across region.

From Atlanta to Little Rock and Nashville to New Orleans we couldn't find a school district with security officers who drive their superintendent anywhere.

“It's something done prior to Dr. Cash getting here, and something that continued since he arrived here. It's no special question for Dr. Cash at all," said Darling.

Cash will soon leave Memphis City Schools.

A new combined school district will take shape.

Will the new top educator have security staff?

Jeff Warren, vice-chairman of the new school board said, "You probably won't see it in future contracts, would be my best guess. But it would be a decision of the full board."