City Running Tests on Tom Lee Park Sinkhole


(Memphis)  Watch your step, a sinkhole has opened up in Tom Lee Park leaving many wondering how it happened.

The city plans to fix it.

“I come down here every day,” said Vernon Johnson, who said he enjoys the Mississippi River and Tom Lee Park.

“I live downtown so I just come out to enjoy the park,” he said.

But what he and many others found Wednesday was a sinkhole about the size of a watermelon.

“Sounds like a real problem, if it’s sinking,” he said. “I had no earthly idea that's what it was.”

The city is running tests. It says it could be one of two things; a leak in the drainage system beneath it or the ground water underneath has receded along with the not-so-mighty Mississippi River.

“It’s dangerous,” said Michael Bowen who was enjoying a stroll along the river.” Someone could get hurt.”

People like Michael Bowen say the sinkhole could have been dangerous  to children and he's just grateful the ground didn't give way during a large event like the Beale Street Music Festival.

“It's a blessing right there,” said Bowen. “It could be real catastrophic.”

The city does not know when it will be fixed.

Public Works crews were running tests on Wednesday.

They'll have a better understanding of what the problem on Thursday.

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