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School Employee Off The Job After Questionable Texts

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(MEMPHIS)  Memphis City Schools is investigating Sam Sutton, a security guard and the personal driver of Superintendent Kriner Cash. Police found 59 text messages on Sutton’s phone between him and a 17-year old student at Carver High School. According to police documents, Sutton claimed the messages were about tutoring her for math and police found that wasn’t true.

Police also found additional messages, pictures, and a video all sexual in nature, but couldn’t verify who those messages were between.

Gerald Darling heads up security for MCS. He says they looked into this last year , but dropped the case because the victim took back what she said but now they're looking again.

“We have a policy as it relates to text messaging with students and with the information we received this appears to go beyond that policy”, Darling said.

According to police reports, the teen claimed Officer Sutton asked her for a picture of her private parts, and she refused. But Police couldn't prove it and dropped the case.