Forrest City Arkansas Family In Fear After Arsonist Strikes

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(Forrest City, AR) Forrest City Police are looking for an arsonist.

Someone has set three homes on fire since Friday.

What's even more alarming, the victims were all members of the same family.

While no one was injured, the ordeal has left people sleepless and scared.

"I don't sleep at night, I have to stay awoke. I walk around the house and look."

Sleep isn't the only thing Jewel Mucherson is missing, so is her sense of security, "They burnt all the insulation right here off, all this off, the wood burned and everything."

She says someone threw a molotov cocktail against her house Friday morning while she was asleep.

Her son was in his room, right next to the burning wall, "He jumped up and started coughing and stuff and ran in and knocked on the door and told all of us to get up and get out of the house, 'the house is on fire'."

He says he saw a man running away from the house after the fire started.

Mucherson wants to know if it's the same man who also torched her daughter's car Friday morning.

Those flames spread to her daughter's duplex threatening her family inside, "By the time they got out of the house the car blowed up and the house caught on fire."

But the arsonist wasn't finished.

Sunday night someone threw a firebomb into Jewel's second daughter's home.

Seven children and two adults escaped,  but lost almost everything inside.

Larry McShan is a neighbor who's worried about the recent rash of fires because someone could have easily been killed, "You got little kids living in these houses too. Suppose some of them had gotten burned up? It don't make no sense. These people need to stop."

Meantime Jewel Mucherson is sure someone is trying to send her family a message, "I don't know. Wanna kill everybody or something. I don't know."

Fire investigators aren't saying exactly what flammable liquid was used.

Forrest City Police tell us there is a "person of interest" but so far no arrests.