Jerry Lawler Collapses At WWE Event; Taken To ER

(Montreal, Quebec)  Jerry Lawler, 62, collapsed Monday night while broadcasting a WWE event.

Overnight, stents were put in by doctors.

As of noon Memphis time, Lawler was out of surgery and hooked to a ventilator.

Lawler is heavily sedated at this time.

Lawler's son and girlfriend have arrived in Canada,

Earlier Monday night, Lawler participated in a tag team match and has just flown to Canada from a trip to Aruba.

WWE announcer Michael Cole broadcast over the air that Lawler had collapsed and that it was not part of the show.

Lawler was taken backstage and given CPR, before being taken to Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.

Those close to Lawler confirmed to News Channel 3 he suffered a heart attack.

Lawler is said to be breathing on his own and receiving oxygen, while in an isolated emergency room. 

He is said to be responsive to light stimulus.

Lawler is known locally as "Jerry the King Lawler" for his many years atop the professional wrestling circuit.

Lawler also ran for mayor numerous times.

Lawler has recently been taking part in more matches instead of commentating.

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