Plan Could Allow County Workers to Share Sick Days

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(Memphis) The Shelby Commission is considering a new rule that will let county workers share sick days.

The commission was set to vote on the change for catastrophic sick leave Monday, but deferred it to work on an amendment that will let people pick to whom they want to give their sick leave.

County Commissioner Wyatt Bunker wants to create the bank of time off for county employees to share because some people need to be off due to catastrophic illness, but don't have the days built up, “Each employee can draw from that sick bank a certain number of times throughout that year, and then that`s it. People want to donate directly to specific employees."

Under the plan, county employees could take whatever they don't use and put it into a county-wide bank. 

Employees can share sick days from the bank with others, like people who need to be out for a long period of time because they have a catastrophic illness like cancer or a heart attack, and don't have the days accrued.

“It just gives them another tool to work with.  No one is looking to have a catastrophic illness, but it`s like an insurance policy you know. They know their taken care of if it does happen,” said Commissioner Terry Roland.

Roland says county employees start out with 12 days off and those sick days roll over. 

"You don't have to give it; this is just something they can do because we have employees here with thousands of hours,” said Roland.

The plan sets standards for a personnel manager to decide what long-term illnesses qualify for the banked days.

The measure will be brought back up in two weeks.