Dry Conditions Causing Trees to Snap in Storms

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(Memphis) Memphis lawns are littered with fallen tree limbs because of several recent storms. 

Experts say trees are falling more often because of the dry conditions.

“When trees get dry, they lose their elasticity. The fibers will shorten up and so the breakage of limbs is likelier,” said Terran Arwood with Woodland Tree Service.

There are some things you can do to reduce your risk of having a tree fall. 

Arwood said to watch for dead or lose branches like this one. 

You can also look for leaves that are turning fall colors too soon.

“Anytime you see mushrooms or any indication of fruiting bodies around the truck or base of a tree that`s an indication of some root decay,” said Arwood.

Kathy Story says it can be expensive to keep your trees maintained, but it`s worth the money.

She's glad she just had a dying tree above her garage removed because last night's winds could have done it in, “I love our neighborhood. It has the most beautiful big trees. All of Memphis does, but they reach a certain lifetime, and because of the drought we've had and high winds sometimes there`s big problems."

If a tree near you looks like it may fall and threaten to take down power lines give MLGW a call at (901) 544-6549.