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Corie’s Baby Blog: Random & Odd Cravings

Corie Pregnant

When I was young I thought pregnant women lived off of ice cream and pickles.

I could not wait to grow up and get pregnant!

I mean ice cream and pickles!

That was my kind of meal.:)

As I got older I started to understand what cravings actually meant.

The one thing that tipped me off that I was pregnant was that things smelled different …really different.

And it was not for the better either.

I also remember guzzling pickle juice.

I was already a massive fan of pickles and olives.

It was not a stretch for me to be standing at the refrigerator, door wide open and me tossing back green olives, crisp pickle spears and taking a swing of the juice without even being pregnant.

I do not ask Thor to make midnight runs to Kroger for a pint of Graeters Black Cherry Ice Cream.

I do linger a lot longer in the ice cream aisle, though.😉

Instead, I send out the bat signal to my friends who live in areas that carry Entenmann’s Chocolate Donuts.

I beg them to overnight a few boxes via FedEx.

I grew up on those things.

Long Island summers filled with great bakeries, fresh bagels and endless Entenmann’s.

I loved the blue & white thin rope that they would tie tightly around a stack of coffee cakes & chocolate donuts.

Yesterday I was craving the bread from Ciao Bella’s.

I love to dip the bread in my leftover salad dressing.

And I’m craving the sauce that comes with their Seafood Cannelloni.

Random I know.

I can not help it.

Today was a Renee’s Sandwich Shop day.

Best grilled cheese in town, in my opinion.😉

Gone are the days of craving just pickles and ice cream I guess.:)


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