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How to Save $800 by Christmas

(Memphis)  Lots of folks went shopping Monday, looking for Labor Day deals, or end of season specials, but there's actually another holiday you should be thinking about.

"We haven't even done Halloween yet," was how Mary Gentry responded when we asked if she'd started saving for the holidays.

Despite the fact that it's September 1st,  it's already beginning to look a lot like Christmas. At Hobby Lobby, holiday decor has lined the store shelves for months.  So, maybe shoppers should take a note from retailers and start thinking ahead to the holidays.

"Normally, I'm, Christmas...done a long time ago, but this year, we're a little behind schedule," adds Gentry. If you're like Gentry, don't worry. There's still plenty of time to set aside some money for Christmas.

We did the math and saving just $25 dollars for the next four months, banks you $400.   That's enough to buy gifts, or even get a plane ticket. You can use your traditional savings account, or try out a Christmas Club at your credit union. Consider having the money directly deposited so you never see it.

If this seems impossible because you're on a tight budget, slash something else.   For example, take what you'd normally spend on eating out, movie night or other splurges, and deposit that into your holiday fund at the beginning of every week, or simply start small.

"I put a little bit aside each month, ahead of time, just do a little at a time,"  says shopper Lynda Cummiskey.

By the way, if your spouse gets in on the deal, that $400 doubles to $800 and you've got a lot bigger budget to pull from.


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