Eastern Arkansas Prepares for Isaac’s Impact

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(Forrest City, AR) Forrest City’s Multipurpose Center is ready to be turned into a storm shelter if needed.

It has showers and room for cots.

The city is over four hundred miles from the coast where Hurricane Isaac hit, but the people in Forrest City are bracing for the winds and heavy rains associated with the tropical depression that could bring with it some flooding.

Les Nicholas runs a restaurant in Forrest City.

He says Isaac is the main topic of discussion for his customers, “We’ve got a few places in town where if it rains real hard it’ll flood out real quickly.”

Police Chief Edward Reynolds doesn’t expect flooding in town, but his department is ready to spring into action in case, “We certainly would be blocking off certain streets and certain areas and we will work with our fire department to make sure people are safe.”

Reynolds said restaurants around town have agreed to stay open in case of an emergency so people can get food.

They’ve also worked out a plan with hotels in case people are forced off Interstate 40.

“It appears to be that everyone is on the same page. We have some community minded people in the form of our business owners and so it’s good to see the willingness of folks to come together,” said Chief Reynolds.