New And Improved Biodiesel Program Leads To Good Jobs

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(West Memphis) If you're looking for a career change, or want to learn a practical skill that can earn a good income, you may want to check out a new program at Mid-South Community College.

Students are learning how to produce biodiesel fuel and turn it into a career making good money.

"It's very easy for students to come here and complete a one year, two-year certificate and get a better job than they are going to get walking out of a traditional university," said Glen Fenter, the President of Mid-South Community College.

Fenter says in the new $9.5 million facility students are getting degrees to be diesel mechanics, with an expertise in renewable energy.

He says a one year certificate can earn them about $35,000 their first year on the job and those getting a four-year degree, can make six figures right out of school.

"Businesses, all of a sudden, are willing to pay top price for those folks with those talents," said Fenter.

Especially since renewable energy is becoming more accepted across industries.

"You can take Gus's Fried Chicken oil and put it in here, and it has the capacity to turn that used vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel," Fenter said as he showed-off the compact bio-fuel production plant.

Fenter says learning this technology is a good way to land a job in Memphis, since it's a hub for trucks and trains.

If this program appeals to you, you can register for the Spring semester online at