Memphis Police move forward on GPS Tracking for Police Vehicles

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(Memphis) – Three days after a fatal accident  on Crump Avenue, Tennessee State Troopers are back out investigating.

They are using a piece of equipment that will give them a detailed diagram of the intersection of Crump, Walnut and Georgia Avenue, so they can put together what happened when a police car and a private vehicle collided.

As the Critical Incident Response Team from Jackson, Tennessee gets street measurements, workers at a nearby convenience store take it all in.

The store’s  surveillance camera wasn’t working Sunday, so police can’t say what definitely happened leading to the accident.

Mayor A C Wharton says it’s time things change, “There is technology readily available now that would enable us in real time to recall the route a (police)  car has taken from one point to another point, the rate of speed at any particular point along the way, which equipment was operating.”

With new technology, there could also be an in-car camera that will activate once a  certain speed is reached.

The Memphis Police Department has been  trying to figure out the best GPS tracking device and how much it would cost.

It’s looking at the system Nashville is using.

News Channel Three knows of at least 10 crashes involving Memphis Police this year.

One on January 11th left a mother dead after the car she  was in collided with a police car near Raleigh Springs Mall.

No word on when this latest investigation will wrap up. But the fallout from it is already leading to change.