No Jail Time for Arlington Teacher Charged With Raping Students

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(Arlington, TN) There will be no jail time for an Arlington teacher who admitted having sex with two of her students.

That has people wondering if the punishment fits the crime.

A judge ordered Stacy Hopkins to have no contact with the two students with whom she had sex  when she was a teacher at Arlington High School.

Not only can she not teach here anymore, she cannot have a job with anyone under the age of eighteen.

A judge gave Hopkins four years of probation after she plead guilty to two counts of aggravated statutory rape, but she escaped jail time.

Some people like Cathy Park think the sentence shows a double standard in the courtroom, “If this were a case where it was a male on a young female or if the children were younger, I think it would have been much more harsh.”

Others think no matter if it's a man or a woman, they should get jail time for statutory rape.

“I do think there is a little bit of a stereo type in our society still where the guys. You know, ' guys will be guys,” said Lanier Carey.

Mark Elkin says even if the boys were the aggressors, that doesn't make it OK, “There is definitely a double standard in the crime and he punishment because if that would have been a male teacher and it had been girls, he would have gone to prison. And he should have gone to prison."

The rapes happened last year.

Hopkins is ordered to continue the drug and alcohol counseling she's been in since then.

The TBI says Hopkins has 48 hours from Thursday’s ruling to register as a sex offender.