West Memphis Fugitive Arrested

(West Memphis, AR) Twenty-three year old Eddie Tribble was on the run for more than three months, until he was arrested Tuesday at a Marion, AR Apartment.

"We got a call in on it a couple of days prior, gave us some information on Mr. Tribble’s whereabouts and we followed up on it and it led to the Greens Apartments," said Captain Ken Mitchell with West Memphis Police Department.

Mitchell said Tribble surrendered without a fight.

Tribble is accused of shooting and killing 25-year-old Devario Smith outside the Good Lyfe Live nightclub on Broadway in West Memphis May 6th.

Smith was shot in the neck and later died at the hospital.

Ever since, police been trying to catch up to Tribble.

Two weeks after the murder, they thought they had Tribble cornered at his mother's apartment on the South end of town.

After a standoff, that lasted several hours, officers went in the apartment and Tribble was not there.

"Apparently from what we gathered, we missed him by just a very narrow window," said Tribble.

Over the past months, several tips have been called into Crittenden County Crime Sstoppers. However nothing turned up until this week.

Tribble is facing First Degree Murder charges with a 3 million dollar bond.


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